Work with 500 Colored Pencils


Bartek Arobal is a 25 year old illustration artist from Warsaw Poland. In his works he try to evoke a micture of sadness playfulness and beuty. 
About the draw:
"This was a commission work for a polish lifestyle and voyage magazine "Podroze". It was supposed to be a dress that i liked the most from Alexander McQueen's spring/summer 2009 collection. The model was my friend, a young polish philosopher Agnieszka Gwiazda. Her image is surrounded by leaves and other jungle features, just to accentuate the actual idea inspiration for this collection."

É curioso... este também foi o vestido que mais gostei da colecção spring/summer 2009 de Alexander McQueen, para rever a colecção go to: http://www.style.com/

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